Business Administration

Accordemy® offers wide range of courses for business administration. Such courses target corporate trainees from various industries. Business Administration is a mandatory skill for every employee, manager, executive and director. Adopting to the most modern business administration skills empowers you and your team to achieve business goals.

Team Management

Accordemy® team management courses addresses the needs of today’s organizational teams. Building a common vision, a collaborative environment and an all satisfied team is the goal for every organization and leader. The how to’s are what we can help you with.

Business Collaboration

Today’s businesses are highly interdependent. You need to rely on your partners, suppliers and value chain providers in order to achieve the end user satisfaction and your business goals. It requires certain skills to implement a strong bon that is based on mutual benefit, fairly arranged deals and well managed relationship. Accordemy® brings you short courses that can empower you and your team to achieve that.